World Regions

I. Anderfels

   a. Capital - Hossberg

   b. Inhabitants – This region is entirely exclusive to the Iron Lords

   c. Information - Little is known besides that Fort Weisshaupt guards the only path into the region. Around it are mountain peaks from Hunterhorn Mountain and The High Reaches.

II. Antivia

   a. Capital -

   b. Inhabitants -

   c. Information -

III. Ferelden

   a. Capital – Denerim

   b. Inhabitants – Any race but majority is Human.​​​​

   c. Information – The Ferelden government supports freedom to practice magic throughout its kingdom. There are few regulations in place to restrict magic users and many are allowed to research into the field freely.

IV. Free Marches

   a. Capital – None

   b. Inhabitants – Mix of all races with no clear majority

   c. Information – This area used to be part of the Tevinter Imperium however, after the new emperor rose to power and the rebellion grew stronger, the emperor officially withdrew for the territory. There is no clear unification of the land and it is only cities and villages with a mutual goal, survival. 

V. Nevarra

   a. Capital – Nevarra City

   b. Inhabitants – Almost exclusively Halflings

   c. Information – Nevarra's desert is mainly inhabited by pockets of Halfling villages. Just south of The Silent Plains is Nevarra City, the only major city in the region that has somehow managed to stay in one place. Although there is no official hierarchy, it is generally believed that Nevarra City is the central hub for any Halfling relations due to all other villages moving every 5 to 10 years. 

VI. Orlais

   a. Capital – Val Royeaux

   b. Inhabitants – Mostly humans

   c. Information – Society in Orlais revolves around magic and only those who have the gift to wield it may hold positions of power. In addition to this, it is also considered to be an Aristocracy. Because of these to factors, many non-nobles who have the gift of magic travel to Ferelden to be able to study and harness their gift.

VII. Par Vollen

   a. Capital – Qunandar

   b. Inhabitants – Orcs

   c. Information – This northern land mass has barely been explored. This is due to the highly aggressive race that resides there, the Orcs. They have lived in isolation until now and very little is known about them. They seem very barbaric in their way of life and in their technology as well however, what they lack in technology they make up for in brute strength. Recently they have begun sailing across The Northern Passage and raiding Rivain and parts of Antiva although some Orcs have set up camps all the way in Ferelden.

VIII. Rivain

   a. Capital – Dairsmuid

   b. Inhabitants – Gnomes

   c. Information – This relatively small kingdom is the home of the Gnomes. The high castle-city of Dairsmuid can be seen all the way from the Circle Tower and it's strange technologies along with it. It's two main forts, Kont-arr and Seere, are constantly being raided by the Orcs and because of this they have developed interesting military technology. While there are magic users in the kingdom, many of them ignore their ability in order to pursue other sciences making their government disinterested in politics regarding magic.

IX. Seheron

   a. Capital – None

   b. Inhabitants – None

   c. Information – Nothing is known about this island other than it was once part of the Tevinter Imperium and that it was once part of the mainland. The Impact occurred where the Nocen Sea currently is and it separated the land. Now there is a constant dark storm over the island and none are able to arrive on shore.

X. Tevinter Imperium

   a. Capital – Minrathous 

   b. Inhabitants – Elves

   c. Information – The Tevinter Imperium believes that the ability to wield magic should only be in the hands of Elves as it was for many years before the Impact. In the past, emperors have been ruthless in persecuting magic users of other races and gaining territory. Recently a new emperor took the throne and has withdrawn many forces for conquered lands. Although the official stance is that they are no longer pursuing magic users, no other race dares to travel to their lands due to strange occurrences. 

World Regions

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