Shattered World's: The Dark Embers

Day 1

The story begins with a dwarf Paladin named Jarvic Mcnarvic arriving at Wildervale looking for a tavern. The village is in the Free Marches and is a very very very poor place, so much so that the tavern didn't even have a sign. Regardless, Jarvic entered the run down tavern and proceeded to take out a terribly drawn picture of possibly a dwarf. With this abysmal drawing in hand, he walked to one of the three patrons of the tavern and told him that he was looking for his dad who looks like the drawing. The patron, letting out a muffled chuckle asked him if it was a joke and told him to leave him alone. Now, sad and still dadless, the dwarf heads to the bar and sets his head down.

It was at this time that a human Barbarian by the name of Ortrix arrived at Wildervale. He decided to head for what looked to be a market to the east. Upon arrival, he noticed most of the vendors were selling rotten fruit and vegetables but could have sworn that someone was selling dirt as well. While looking around, he heard a voice coming from a tent a little ways away. He noticed there was a halfling nervously trying to sell his wares. Ortrix approached him and asked if he sold anything other than armor and the halfling, muttering and stuttering, began to go through his inventory. After showing him two broken swords and an unfinished bow, he told Ortrix that he was now closed and had to leave. Having not gained anything in the market, Ortrix made his way to the tavern. That's when he saw a sad looking dwarf and offered him a pint to cheer up as they talked about what was wrong.

Meanwhile, a gnome Bard whose full name is actually Ellywent Nackle Pippet of the Nackle Pippet Family has just made it to the village as well. Being a Bard, she naturally went straight into the tavern and began to set up to play the guitar. With one of the patrons having already left, there are only two people, a dwarf and a human remaining. Ellywent began playing a song known as "A Farewell to Sebastian" to which one of the patrons began bursting into tears and ran out of the tavern. Now only one patron remained in the tavern and doing what a Bard does, she lets him know she takes tips.

Jarvic was inspired by Ellywent's majestic song and asked the barkeep for some paper and ink. After vigorously scribbling the feather all over the place, Jarvic created what can only be described as a dwarf Mona Lisa… of his dad. Immediately after, 10 elven soldiers from the Tevinter Imperium burst in accusing them all of being blood magic users and demanding that they come with them for further investigation. Oh and theres a halfling Rogue named Trip that was just now spotted in the corner, almost as if he just now appeared. After arguing and ranting about injustice, all four decided it was best to just follow the soldiers. Their hands were bound by rope and they were loaded onto a cart. They didn't know it but they were on their way to Kirkwall, a Tevinter fortress.

Meanwhile on the way to the fort, Ellywent was able to get out of her bindings without a sound. Ortrix wanted to get more information on where they were being lead to so he geniously tries to listen in on the guards conversation. Unfortunately, he goes deaf and can't hear anything. While this is happening, Ellywent was trying to plan an escape, Jarvic ___ One of the guards heard this, turned around and noticed that her hands were unbound. Trying to make her escape, she goes to roll off the back of the cart but Jarvic and his dwarven calves were not having it. Strongly believing in the legal system, he manages to grab her and hold her in the cart. The guards now realizing how much trouble the gnome is, restrained her with shackles instead of rope. Now at the entrance of Kirkwall, she begins to sing a sad song "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" while Ortrix was trying to figure out what was happening, being deaf and all. The guards begin unloading the group and leading them towards a building. Not sure if it was the cart ride or the gnome's extremely sad singing, but Ortrix's hearing returned.

The group was led down a staircase, to the right and tossed in a prison cell occupied by another man. The man eventually introduced himself as Artorias of the Iron Lords and told the group that he is planing on leaving very soon. After bickering, explaining the plan, and Jarvic sensing evil, Artorias reveals a secret door and the group follows through. The door lead to a secret tunnel which lead into an open cell nearby. Proceeding down the hall, the group goes to the right though a door. Inside they find all their weapons and equipment that was confiscated earlier. After some fumbling, a guard asks if somebody is there to which Trip replies "YES" in a fairly loud voice. Footsteps can be heard making their way towards the group and in the midst of scrambling Ellywent throws the guard off by making noise back by the cells. With the guard now through and debates on whether or not to murder him at rest, Trip places some crates in the way in case they try and come back.

Moving further along the hall the group notices a locked door to their right and as Ellywent tries to peek in, she falls through and lands in a puddle of blood. They soon come to realize that this is a torture chamber where countless lives were lost. After taking 4 seconds to be disgusted in horror they begin to loot. Having found nothing except a key, they continue.

Finally, there is only one more door in front of them and Trip leads the charge in. Ellywent begins singing a sea shanty, who knows why there might be somewires not connecting up there, and somehow that inspires the party. Ortix, Trip and Jarvic continue <s>failing</s> trying to hit the guard in front of them. After a series of slashes and cuts Ellywent decides "fuck this" and shoots a crossbow bolt at a guard, promptly pinning him to the wall. The head jailer quickly finishes his blood ritual, explodes and takes the form of a strange demon. Ortix, who doesn't fuck with demons, quickly runs over and swings with such force that the demon screams out and vanishes.

Now that the murdering is complete, the party loots the room for various things and works their way back to the stairs exiting the prison.


Ellywent - 200 exp

Jarvic - 190 exp

Ortrix - 185 exp

Trip - 185 exp


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